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[sticky post] The SSHG Fan Fic Awards: The Rules

Hello, and welcome to the SSHG Fan Fic Awards! We exist as a community to support and celebrate the writers and artists of Harry Potter fanfiction that feature Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. Their hard work and commitment to the ship as brought hours of entertainment to our lives, and we would like to say thank you!

Your mods for the 2014 year are tychesong, araeofsomething, and geminisister.

The Rules of the SSHG FanFic AwardsCollapse )

The 2014 SSHG Fic Awards Winners!

Thank you so much for your patience as Real Life had delayed us a few times!

The 2014 SSHG Fic Award Mods would like to extend a massive thank you to savvyshka (Savva) who volunteered at the last minute to make these amazing, beautiful banners!

Please be aware that there are several categories where two stories or art pieces recieved the same amount of winning votes. Rather than arbitrarily choosing, this year's mods have elected to award two banners. You have voted, here are the winning results for the 2014 SSHG Fic Awards:


Best Drabble/Ficlet:Collapse )

Best Action/AdventureCollapse )

Best ComedyCollapse )

Best DramaCollapse )

Best HorrorCollapse )

Best RomanceCollapse )

Best EroticaCollapse )

Best Menage-a-TroisCollapse )

Best Work-In-ProgressCollapse )


Best Traditional ArtCollapse )

Best Manipulation ArtCollapse )

Best Craft ArtCollapse )

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! It was a lot of fun! Special thanks to the artists who have helped throughout: 17tvfreek, susanmarier, and savvyshka! You three are amazing! Much love from your 2014 mods,

geminisisteraraeofsomething and tychesong

Apologies for the Delays

The winners of the 2014 SSHG Fan Fic Awards have been decided! We apologize for the delays in getting the winners' banners posted; real life has been a real bear for a few of us. The banners will be posted shortly.

Thank you all for your participation and grace in waiting.


Happy Valentine's Day, and welcome back! The voting for the 2014 SSHG Fic Awards is now open! A few rules to remember: You cannot vote for each category more than once, and you are welcome to skip any categories you are not interested in. You can vote for yourself, if you like.

To vote, please fill out the template below, and e-mail to sshgficawards@gmail.com Happy voting!!

2014 Nomination Banners











Craft Art:

Manipulation Art:

Traditional Art:

The 2014 Nominees!

I am so sorry we are behind getting this list up--your mods ran into all kinds of crazy this last week in RL! But without further ado, here are your 2014 SSHG FicAward Nominees (presented in alphabetical order):

Best Drabble Ficlet:Best Action/Adventure:
Best Comedy:Best Drama:Best Erotica:Best Horror:

Best Menage-a-Trois:

Best Romance:

Best Work-In-Progress:Best Origional/Traditional Art:Best Manipulation Art:Best Craft ArtVoting opens on 15 February! Please take the time to read all the stories and look at all the art in the categories you wish to vote in--there are a lot of really wonderful treasures to be found!! Nomination banners will be posted for each work shortly, and voting rules/reminders will be posted in about a week. :-) Thank you again for your patience, to all those who nominated!!


Nominations are officially open! Please copy and paste the template below to an email, fill it out with all your favorite fics, art or crafts and email it to SSHGFicAwards@gmail.com. All nominations MUST have been completed in the 2014 year (with the exception of the WIP category), and submitted before 29 January, 2015. Remember, you must include a URL to where that fic, art or craft can be found, and can include anything finished in the 2014 year. We will be contacting each of the nominees individually to inform them of their nomination and offer them the right to decline. If you do not have a nomination for a category, you are more than welcome to leave that category blank.

Please, do NOT nominate as a comment. If you have trouble nominating you are more than free to comment or contact the admins, but please do not reveal who you are nominating! Any such comments will be deleted immediately, and the listed nominations NOT added to the list.

We ask all of our participants to remember: these awards are based on everyone's involvement! Pieces are nominated based on what you nominate, and win their categories based on how you vote! If you think a fic or art should be included, please nominate and vote for it, it may not be by someone else, otherwise!

Nominations Open Soon!

Nominations Open Soon! Please copy one of these awesome banners made by Susanmarier and spread the word!!

The template for nominations will be available shortly!

Affiliation with The Petulant Poetess

Another respected and wonderful archive has agreed to affiliate with us: The Petulant Poetess! Thank you to Karelia and the mods there! You will find a link to their site on the right with our other affiliates!


Awards Schedule

Before you nominate or vote, please read The Rules, as they have been updated to include art and with the following dates:

Here is our planned schedule for the SSHG FanFic Awards--please note that at this time the winner's announcement date is still pending a decision, as we want to give our banner artist the time she needs, and check back at a later time for it to be updated.

Nominations Open for Art and FanFiction:  1 January 2015 - 29 January 2015

Nominations Posted For Perusal:                    2 February 2015

Voting Open For Each Category:                     15 February 2015 - 15 March 2015

Winners of the 2014 Round Announced:       1 April 2015


SSHG Fan Fic Awards

The SSHG Fan Fic Awards

We exist as a community to support and celebrate the writers and artists of Harry Potter fanfiction that feature Severus Snape and Hermione Granger.

Their hard work and commitment to the ship has brought hours of entertainment to our lives, and we would like to say thank you.

This community, its members, and the writers and artists nominated are not the owners or affiliated with the owners of the Harry Potter universe and all that lies within. That wonderful world belongs solely to JK Rowling, Scholastic and Warner Bros.

No money is being made off of these works, and no money is being exchanged in the presentation of these awards, by either nominee or administrators.

The beautiful art at the top of this page was created by 17tvfreek, who also goes by the moniker Ekr1703 on DeviantArt.

The SSHG Fan Fic Awards

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